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    gamification keys

    The term ‘gamification’ is seeping into many industries and verticals, like education and eLearning gamification to employee training and development . Gamification, in its simplest form, refers to the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity, and is often used in a way to increase user adoption and overall engagement. It has become an excellent tool for motivating learners at a higher level, than traditional learning methods.

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    corporate training sims

    The majority of those entering the workforce today have a natural aptitude for technology. The use of computers, smartphones, and tablets is the norm for them. Many expect that their transition to the workplace will involve digital components and they’re quite comfortable with that.

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    best elearning vendor

    Outsourcing your e-learning requirements to the right vendor helps your organization deliver world-class training to your employees. If you want effective e-learning that will enhance your employees’ performance, then you should choose an e-learning partner carefully.

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    mobile learning design

    The percentage of the population that rely on mobile devices at home and work are steadily on the rise. Organizations cannot afford to ignore this trend. In fact, they should join the mobile learning boom and reap rich benefits from the online training trend. If you are still not sure about the significant benefits of mobile learning solutions, then we have compiled information you need to know before taking the plunge.

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    gamification best practices

    Gamification is a relatively new concept that has gained huge popularity in a short time. Different processes and practices in the workplace can be gamified and the return-on-investment is satisfying. However, it is vital to follow certain best practices while implementing gamified e-learning, for it to be effective.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind.

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    business simulation training

    Simulations have been around for a long time. They were originally used in three main industries--the military, medicine, and aviation. These three have in common the risk of serious consequences, if a mistake is made.

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    Using Agile as a pm

    Agile development process is a method of development that focuses on rapid prototyping and constant evaluation. This methodology  has mostly been used by software developers. But now, agile project management methods is advancing  into all sectors. E-learning solutions are like software and the ADDIE model of designing has some inherent challenges. It may not be as difficult as the waterfall methodology used by software developers but it is rigid.

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    mobile learning employee training

    The mobile learning market is growing substantially, and will continue to grow. But, there are design challenges that can be encountered along the way. There are numerous mobile devices with different sizes and resolutions. There is no such thing as a standardized device. However, by following certain best practices, organizations will go a long way towards ensuring success for implementing a mobile learning strategy.

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    User Interface Best Practices eLearning

    Nearly everyone has attempted to navigate through a website with confusing, non-intuitive menus and buttons. It’s frustrating, to say the least. It’s even more of a problem when there are important things to do, or you’re on a deadline, and it isn’t clear how to do accomplish what you need to.

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    MobileLearning is a Smart Company Investment

    Learning in the 21st century cannot be confined to any particular location or time. Organizations need to  adapt to these changes and learn how to operate across new and changing learning spaces. As a result, mobile learning or m-learning is growing rapidly in organizations of several industries.       

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    Hands-On Training in Gamification

    Internships and apprenticeships are tried and true methods of learning the skills required for a particular job. In-person, hands-on training is the best way for a person to acquire the knowledge they need to perform well.

    A subtle shift is beginning to take place that could change the face of internships and apprenticeships as they are known today. The new trend is to utilize gamification in training. What has traditionally been hands-on is becoming hands-off.

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    Industries that benefit from Training Sims

    Simulation training has its beginnings in the aviation field. Life and death are at stake when one is learning to fly an airplane. Similarly, it branched out into the areas of the military and medical professions.

    Fast-forward to today. Simulation training is at work in a variety of fields, giving learners the benefit of practice that mimics real life. While some industries are more naturally aligned with simulations, virtually any field can reap the benefits of this type of training.

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    eLearning Puzzles and Ideas for eLearning

    Most people enjoy getting wrapped up in the world of a game. They like to immerse themselves in the story. This is what makes narrative-based learning games so successful. The door is opened to deeper learning when the brain is actively involved in the process.

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    Debunking mLearning

    Mobile learning or m-learning holds immense promise and provides great benefits for distance learning. But, it is still in its infancy and there is a long way to go before m-learning is embraced completely. Currently,  myths and misconceptions of m-learning are running rampant. Most of them are not true.

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    video game learning tools

    Elearning companies are taking advantage of the popularity of integrating the latest technologies into today’s culture of learning.

    From simulation and serious games to mobile learning games, the best corporate educational practices are more and more likely to involve a digital aspect.

    Enter, video games.

    Much like other forms of elearning, video games present a unique opportunity for learning. There are a number of benefits that make video games a viable choice for integration into corporate training.

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    Computer based training design business games

    One of the more recent yet effective methods of business training is gamification. By providing learning games to your employees, you can teach them the skills you want them to develop in a fun and less stressful environment. Compared to the conventional training practices, games enjoy a higher level of engagement and you can communicate more information to the learners in a shorter time period. However, it is important that you are aware of the different types of business training games before you invest in one to make sure you are making the right decision for your employers.  

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    eLearning Development Vendor

    As technology evolves and changes, so does elearning. Elearning has become an acceptable and desirable mode of educating. Therefore, custom elearning development is rising to the forefront. 

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    Compulsion Loop for Learning Games

    To stay relevant in the marketplace, elearning providers have to design games that work. They must constantly be abreast of the most effective methods and the results of the most recent research studies in order to put out the best product possible.

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    Simulation Based Training Success

    When it comes to designing training programs for your business, there are so many options available. From traditional programs to eLearning, gaming simulation to video programs, it can be difficult to determine what will work best for your employees. 

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